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Welcome to
Katz Global Media


Katz Global Mail Drop / Remailer Services

Kingstown St Vincent & the Grenadines, West Indies

Anonymize your mail with the Katz Anonymous Mail Drop Service today and enjoy peace of mind.

With the Katz Mail Drop you can have a completely anonymous physical mail option to compliment your payment processing, offshore domain name whois records, and personal and business communications to enhance your privacy while conducting business internationally.

St. Vincent has been selected because it has one of the best and most reliable mail services found in the world and because it offers an alternate jurisdiction to you home country. A Katz Mail Drop Account can also be used to enhance your business reach internationally while still remaining completely anonymous.

Now you can also get an completely Anonymous Phone (voicemail) and Anonymous Fax service plus a Live Secretary (free option) in the same location all for only $250 a year!

Get your own dedicated phone number in St Vincent with personal secretarial service OR VoiceMail.
A personal secretary will answer all your calls and forward the messages to you via email at no additional charges OR we can setup voicemail. All calls will be answered in your company or business name if secretarial service is used. A shared fax number is also attached in case you wish to receive faxes as well. Faxes will be scanned to your email at no additional charges.

St. Vincent Asset protection and enhanced privacy laws

St. Vincent and the Grenadines is an independent English speaking nation, located in the Eastern Caribbean. In 1996 there were comprehensive legislative changes to its IBC Act, bringing St. Vincent to the forefront of the world's offshore financial centers as one of the safest and most private jurisdictions.

These legislative changes concentrated on two specific policies in St. Vincent's approach to offshore financial law: ultimate privacy and maximum asset protection. These policies are also reinforced in the new offshore finance laws proclaimed in 1997 and 1998.

IBC's incorporated in St. Vincent are completely free of all taxes for a period of 25 years. There is no requirement to disclose the beneficial owner of the IBC and bearer shares are allowed. There are no exchange controls. There are no tax information exchange treaties with any country.

There is no requirement for books or audited reports to be presented to any authority.

St. Vincent is an independent sovereign nation and will therefore not be affected by the impending UK/EU legislation impacting the British Dependent Territories.

The Confidential Relationships Preservation (International Finance) Act, 1996 is a further expression of the privacy theme of the new legislative policy. This law elevates the protection of professional confidential relationships and information to a matter of state "public policy".

The Government has reaffirmed that the right to privacy in financial affairs is a basic right of offshore companies and financial institutions in St. Vincent and that it will not help other governments collect their taxes, directly or under the guise of investigations or prosecutions of other purported offenses.

The International Business Companies Act, 1996 contains provisions assuring that the privacy of persons will be protected. These provisions reduce the amount of information to be contained in government registers and curtails the right of the public to inspect the registers.

To make this perfectly clear the "Confidential Relationships Preservation (International Finance) Act, 1996 specifically says "The Court hearing an application for directions under this section shall not allow the giving in evidence of confidential information in connection with the enforcement or prosecution, of the civil or criminal revenue or tax laws of another state, territory or other political jurisdiction".

Read our FAQ page for more info about our Mail Drop Services.

Mail Drop Pricing is $19.95 per month in 3, 6, 12 or 24 month increments and can be paid for with any of our normal methods of payment including e-gold.

The Phone and Fax option is $250/year

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