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Katz Global goes even more Global!

We would like to announce some enhancements and
improvements to our Offshore Domain Trust Service.

Some recent changes:

#1. We have moved the registration of all top level domains
to Malaysia.

#2. Our Offshore Domain Trust has been relocated from St. Vincent and
the Grenadines to Singapore in an effort to improve our communications
delays across the board. This change represents a 100 fold
improvement in our trust service abilities.

#3. Phone and Fax Support are now LIVE and a Katz
representative will answer all calls coming into Singapore
for all offshore domain trust inquiries.

We have added some really nice domain extension options to our already
long list of available domain names including:

(Prices are USD per annum with domestic whois data)
(add $10 for offshore whois data)

.cn $ 46.00
.com.cn $ 46.00
.net.cn $ 46.00
.org.cn $ 46.00

.tw $ 46.00
.com.tw $ 46.00
.org.tw $ 46.00
.idv.tw $ 46.00

Hong Kong
.hk $46.00

NEW: .IDN $19.95
International IDN domain registrations for .com .net and .cc domains:

From 1st of February it has been made possible to register
IDN characters for .com .net and .cc domain names.

Until now it has only been possible to create domain names
with a-z and 0-9. This has signified that companies could
not register their correct company name and trademarks.

IDN (Internationalized Domain Names) enables Internet users to
navigate on the Internet using domain names with national
characters. You can register your correct domain names for
your company name and trademarks.

the cost for IDN domains is $24.95/year

* For IDN .com/.net/.cc, please convert the native language into
Punycode (e.g. xn--xxxxxxxx.com) before keying in the domain
to our registrations system.

Katz Global has grown more than we ever expected all throughout
2004-2005. We thank all of your for your business and continued support!

1-8-2005 New Services Launched:

Havenco and Seamail services have been shut down. Unfortunately our
provider there failed to let us know and left us, along with all of our clients,
in the dark. So rather than sit and wait for them to get it together we just
lowered our prices and launched our own service. Why not? We have the
whole thing already in place. We are now moving all Seamail clients asap
to this new service. If Havenco does come back up we will not be going
back with the provider (pmmit) which we now feel has shown very poor
business ethics. It is never acceptable to just shut down and not warn
your clients in this type of business because so much money can be
lost when email goes missing. Beyond that, they tried to bill us for the next
payment 2 days before they closed and they certainly knew that they were
closing at that point. Tisk Tisk...

On a brighter note we had some recent problems in Panama also. Our
provider there decided to not pay their bandwidth and rack fees and managed
to get us all shut down, again without warning us. This caused us about 2-3
days of down time in Panama while we spent two days just trying to get them
to tell us what was going on. More poor business ethics and flat out lies.

Again, we will not be doing any further business with this company either.
(Steer clear of Altec1.com and telcovirtual.com in Panama if you value your
business and your sites uptime)

It is very very rare for us to bad mouth companies, but these people really
hurt our clients and made us work triple hard by forcing relocations.

2005 is shaping up to be a year of cleaning house and getting rid of all the
weak partnerships we formed years ago.

As we move forward in the new year, we feel very confident in who we are
partnered with.

I can't thank our customers enough. They have always stuck with us no matter
what happens and we would not be as successful as we are without all of your
support in both good and trying times.

Now for the real good news:

We have a new full time programmer. He is automating Katz Global's Operations
from ordering, billing, communications, accounting right down to branding and order forms.

We are about half way done and the system is now up and running and we are using some
of its features as we speak.

What this means to our clients is that we will have more staff resources for support since
there will no longer be a full time billing person. Paris will be assisting on the support side
much more in the future,

What this also means is that all clients will get a new account management system that
will handle all ordering, billing and support from one interface and anything to do with ordering
hosting will be instantly setup upon payment rather than having to wait for us to catch your

We plan to fully launch this within 90 days, give or take a few weeks.

Thank you and Happy New Year!

Gordon Hayes/CEO katz Global Media


9-20-2004 New Services Launched:

Katz Global would like to announce that they have opened up Shared and
Reseller Hosting in Neitherlands, Beijing China, Bombay India and Kuala Lumpur Malaysia.

Now you can get the same Linux/cPanel shared hosting and reseller plans we
offer in the following countries:

USA, Panama, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India and China. + Australia
for dedicated servers only at this time. You can also get Plesk/Linux and
Windows/Helm accounts in the USA. And as always all 8 countries are online
for dedicated server sales.


We would also like to announce that we have obtained official cPanel
reseller status and can now directly issue cPanel licenses instantly in real
time across all 10 of our hosting facilities around the world at a cost much
less than buying licenses directly from cPanel. We have made the investment
on behalf of our clients with cPanel to join their NOC partner program to
reduce the costs of cPanel licensing from $79-$99 a month, to $49 a month
per license. This has enabled us to cut two full days off the setup time of
dedicated servers in all of our locations and cut out all the licensing
middlemen which saves you money.


As an ongoing official Geotrust Partner, we have expanded our SSL
certificate line of Geotrust SSL Certificates to include a lower cost
version of the Premium SSL certificate with Smart Seal called a QuickSSL
Certificate. The only difference is that it does not include the smart seal.
Buying a QuickSSL Cert will reduce your cost of obtaining a security
certificate from $179 per year to $129 per year. This will save you $20 and
$50 respectively over buying these same certs direct from Geotrust.


8-03-2004 New Services Launched:

We have just launched 6 new reseller plans. 3 inside the USA and 3 OFFSHORE in all of our offshore locations including Panama, Hong Kong and Singapore.
We have done away with the VPS reseller plan 4 and now have reseller plans 1, 2 and 3 in its place.

This means you will get more services for half the price of our former reseller plans.

The plans now start as low as $39.95/month.

People with existing reseller accounts will either get more features, more space and bandwidth, a reduced monthly rate, or all of the above.

2. We have added 1MDC as a new payment option. If you don't know what that is, check them out at 1mdc.com. Basically this service adds a layer of privacy to your e-gold accounts that e-gold itself does not have so you can spend your gold into their trust accounts and spend it anonymously to other 1mdc accounts.

The order forms will now automatically convert the USD fees into 1mdc grams on the fly.

We are also getting prepared to open up new shared and reseller hosting services in China, Malaysia and India. Stay tuned!

1-22-2004 New Services Launched:

1. We have officially launched shared and reseller hosting in Singapore and are now taking orders for accounts there. We have launched the same Linux/cPanel setups we use in Hong Kong, Panama and the USA.

3. We have also recently joined the EmCA (electronic currency merchants association) to better learn about and participate in Good DGC practices. http://www.ecmaweb.com/

4. We now able to take co-located (and custom computer/server sales) orders in all 8 countries in our list at a fairly low price and have begun selling this service although our site does not yet reflect that area of business at this time.

5. We have stuck a new contract with Geotrust recently due to our increase in sales/buying power which has drastically reduced our costs overall for SSL certificates. We are an official Geotrust Reseller and the only ones currently offering a real Anonymous SSL Solution.

The Geotrust Anonymous Premium QuickSSL Certificate is $179 for the first year and $159 for each additional year. We can also offer non-anonymous certs for as low as $99 for the Geotrust Quick SSL. Geotrust sells these same certs for $159 and $229 respectively. So using Katz Global for your Certificate needs will save you a lot of money. You do not have to be a client of ours to purchase an SSL certificate for your site.

12-10-2003 New Services Launched:

We would like to announce some new things and some things that have changed over here at Katz Global Media for the upcoming new year.

#1. We have opened up hosting in Hong Kong and are now running at 100%. We have setup the same network that we have in Panama and are offering offshore virtual/shared hosting plans and reseller plans with cPanel and WebHost Manager at the exact same prices as our Panamanian offshore hosting plans.

Our new network is running on:
HKIX (Hong Kong Internet Exchange)
4 STM1 to China
Global One

#2. Our offshore cPanel reseller plans in both Panama and Hong Kong are now only $99/month. We are still the only hosting provider offering offshore reseller plans with cPanel and WebHost Manager as far as we can tell. These plans end up saving you money when you have more than 4 or 5 sites running from one location.

(This brings our total virtual/shared locations up to 8 and include 4 USA locations, 3 Panama Locations and our New Hong Kong location.) You can maintain 8 sites in 8 distinct locations with no ties to each other all from one company. We will be adding more locations as our servers fill up and according to what our customers told us they would like in the recent survey we completed.

#3. We have opened up Asia and the Asia Pacific region for dedicated and co-located hosting. More will be on our main site soon about all this, but for now we are operational and providing dedicated, managed dedicated, co-located and advanced business solutions in the following locations:

#1. US - Windows Dedicated and co-lo
#2. Panama - Co-Lo/dedicated
#3. Hong Kong
#4. Malaysia
#5. China (Beijing)
#5. China (Shanghai)
#6. Thailand
#7. Singapore
#8. Indonesia
#9. Australia (Sydney)
#10. India (Mumbai)

We can provide both international bandwidth and localized bandwidth which allows you a low cost solution to market your sites in very specific locations to a specific audience rather than the entire planet.

For example:
say you want to test market your products or services to only a Taiwanese audience. You can now deploy a server direct in a Taiwanese data center through Katz Global and serve your site(s) to that specific region in their native language.

We are proud to be able to build and deploy servers in these locations in less than a week and in many cases less than 3 days depending on part requirements and what is available at the time of order in your chosen location.

We are proud to be providing:

Custom Built Unix(Linux/BSD) Servers
Windows Servers
Sun Solaris Servers and
Low Cost Cobalt Servers

You may also contact us to purchase servers pre-built for your co-location needs.

We have also added Ensim to our product offering for dedicated clients as a low cost alternative to our main 3 server admin panels (cPanel, Plesk and Helm)

And better still you can do all this and still receive 24 hour English speaking tech support.

We have removed all the complications of finding your way through the local providers and praying your server will be what you expect it to be. You can send funds in e-gold or USD to a US mailbox and save a lot of time and risk while setting your business up offshore.

Below are some other new services we are now offering to larger clients hosting from the Asia Pacific region:

The products suites are for clients with dedicated and co-lo servers only and are not options on shared hosting servers. Generally these are used by companies with mission critical data or who do high volume transactions of over 50+ orders per day. When it is imperative to your cash flow and data flow that your sites remain up and protected from hackers please contact us for more information about the following menu of services:

#1. Managed Firewall Solutions with Watchguard, Cisco PIX and Checkpoint
#2. Real-time Security analysis and monitoring.
#3. Managed Shared Firewall Services
#4. Reactive Intrusion Detection - Host-based and Network-based IDS
#5. Proactive Intrusion Detection - Network Vulnerability Assessment
#6. Security Vulnerability check and assessments
#7. Katz Global's Anti-web Defacement Service is a near real-time
post-attack monitoring service, which reacts to any web page defacement on
the fly and recovers the defaced web page(s) within minutes automatically.
In addition, the service quickly notifies both our security team and you by
#8. Foundry Networks - Managed Load-Balancing Hosting
#9. F5 Networks - BIG IP Managed Hosting - Load-Balancing Hosting
#10. Advanced Monitoring, Site back up, restore and storage solutions


10-29-2003 up and coming services!

• Our Panama Offshore Hosting launch has been so successful that we are now expanding our offshore services into Hong Kong. Soon you will be able to choose between Hong Kong, Panama and the USA to host your sites anonymously.

• We have added .cc .tv .be .jp .co.uk .me.uk and .org.uk to our list of available anonymous domain registrations. We will also be able to transfer these extensions shortly without having to assume your account.

• We have opened up dedicated server sales and co-located solutions in the US for anonymous windows and anonymous unix based servers. We can also provide servers for purchase as well. We are also setting up a dedicated/co-lo facility in Panama and expect to be ready to open up sales within 60 days or less. Watch for new hosting plans soon!

• Katz Global has purchased. If you are looking for an offshore programmer or web designer this is your resource for lower cost contractors.


• Offshore anonymous hosting is here! We finally did it. We are now setup and fully running in Panama and can now host your websites anonymously and offshore.

• We have also made a partnership with PMMIT/Seamail and they have built a custom email backend for our company to allow our customers to use anonymous web based email services from the havenco servers on Sealand. These accounts have 3 encryption options and use SSL for all data connections. We are giving away 15 day trials to all new customers so they can see why Sealand is one of the best offshore providers in the world. Sealand is off of the coast of the UK on an old oil rig and they have their own micro government! " target="_blank">Learn more here.

• We have become a Geotrust reseller and keep 128 Bit SSL premium Certs in Stock at all times. But the best part is you can get them from us anonymously and without a credit card, or any of the standard information verification done by many Certificate providers.


What is going on at the main KATZ Network Operations Center in Tucson?

• We have recently added a lot of information to our websites about domain names in our domain area.

• We have added a new NOC center in Pennsylvania and are now offering a full assortment of Anonymous Windows 2000 Server Hosting Options as well as new Adult Plans from this facility.

• We have secured Cpanel5 as an added option across all of our unix plans.

• The Plesk Admin system is now our default system with each plan and Cpanel is an upgrade.

• We have added plan #4 to our unix plans for multiple domain hosting.

• We have rolled out 3 new Managed Dedicated Hosting Plans for high bandwidth clients who would like a entire server to themselves with root access.

• We have launched a brand new website geared to the Gold Financial markets. i-Gold Hosting has all of our plans including non anonymous options like our sister site at www.katzglobal.net. We would like to invite you to take a look at www.i-goldhosting.com It can also be found through e-goldhosting.com for those of you that use e-gold. We originally built the site on the e-goldhosting.com domain which caused a lot of debate over e-gold's trademarks so we decided to change the domain name to avoid any possible confusion.

• All of our unix servers have been upgraded to Dual Pentium 4 systems with dual power supplies and dual 10/100/1000 nic cards. We have also ugraded memory to 2 gigs each.


Order Offshore Hosting Here
(no set up fees ever!)


We belong to:
• The GDCA
• The BBB

  Copyright 1995-2017 Katz Global Media

New Customers Please Call 1-520-304-6783
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