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NEW LOWER PRICES! - Anonymous Hosting solutions starting
at only $9.95 per month. Same low price in 7 countries!
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 How does Katz Anonymous Hosting® work?

Anonymous Hosting® is a service we provide worldwide to people and businesses who demand total privacy. There are many valid reasons to maintain total privacy. You may wish to stop domain-related spam, deter identity theft & fraud, prevent harassers, stalkers & data miners from being effective, protect your identity when your job security is on the line, stop abusive spouses from harassing you, maintain privacy if you are a famous person and even to gain privacy when exercising your first amendment rights of free speech. We do not condone fraud, and will not protect your privacy online if you try to use our services for fraudulent purposes to commit fraud against others or commit libel online against the public or other businesses. When using our service we expect you to maintain the law and act within the laws found in your jurisdiction.

Identity Theft Update:

Identity Theft Update:

Since 2005, 53,383,950 personal and business records have been hacked, stolen or erroneously exposed to criminals through poor security practices or negligence.

That unbelievable number equates to almost 20% of every person living in the Unites States. One in Five people have had their private data exposed to criminals who want to steal your hard earned dollars. In fact its now so bad that businesses are forming to commit identity theft and the crime is becoming an industry!

See the statistics collected here: http://www.privacyrights.org/ar/ChronDataBreaches.htm.

Every single person is at risk. To make matters worse, every single regular domain registration in the world has your name, address, email, phone and fax numbers available to anyone who desires to take that data and use it in various ways.

Some reasons of course are legitimate, but some are not and this is where making your domain anonymous can greatly improve your security. With The Katz Domain Trust you gain real privacy by replacing your whois data with our whois data. We currently maintain our domain trusts in Malaysia and Singapore.

The whois data we keep in each country leads to a live person who can relay emergency data should anything arise that needs your attention so you always stay in touch with your business 24/7.

We don't just mask your whois data! We believe in total privacy and Katz has been successfully protecting your privacy since 1997. Our track record is second to none and we have successfully protected your data on thousands upon thousands of domain names, websites and ssl certificates.

Don't risk your domain to a company that doesn't believe in real privacy. Try Katz Global today.

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 How does Katz Anonymous Domain Trust® work?

We purchase domain name(s) and hold them in our Anonymous Domain Trust™ based on a numbered account that we supply to you which gives you full control over your domain(s) while remaining fully anonymous in the whois database. You may also request separate accounts for each domain and hosting account and we can place them on separate servers with no ties to each other which can enhance your anonymity from site to site. Learn More

 How does Katz Anonymous Offshore Hosting work?

  • Offshore web hosting at its finest...
    With Katz Global you can now host all of your sites in 7 distinct countries. We have built one of the largest networks on the Planet encompassing North America, Asia and Australasia. You can now host in countries like India, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia, Singapore and the USA all from one provider. You can now distribute your sites across many countries with no ties to one another and keep the ultimate in data privacy all from one provider. You can also use us to provide localized offshore websites to a specific audience with low cost local bandwidth. For example: Your company has offices in Europe and North America, but you want to test a new market or open up a sales channel in Singapore in their local language. With katz Global Media, you can now provide a local website direct to their local market without the high cost of international bandwidth fees.

  • Where are your servers located?
    Founded in 1995, Katz Global Media is a premier hosting provider, serving thousands of accounts in 7 countries. Katz Globals' global network provides its clientele with multiple hosting presences in India, Malaysia, China, Hong Kong,
    Singapore, Australia and the United States. You can host your server in any of these locations while maintaining English speaking sales and support from one single provider.

  • What are the benefits of hosting in Offshore?
    Being offshore affords you enhanced data privacy, better security and an international presence that your clients will appreciate.

. Learn More

 How does Katz Anonymous Offshore Email work?

We provide anonymous offshore low cost email accounts in Singapore when using @katzmail.net and in all of our 7 locations when using your own domain name. We are spam free and do not support spam or bulk mailing of any sort.

You will gain:

• Unsurpassed physical and virtual data security.
• Network Redundancy and Reliability
• Total privacy for any legal use.

Learn More

 Legal Notice:

We offer a premium anonymous service and with anonymity comes responsibility. You may not host websites on our servers or point anonymous domains to servers that contain illegal content in any way shape or form. This applies to laws worldwide. We watch what goes online across our servers every day in order to protect our business. If your website has illegal content, please do not use our services, or you risk losing your money and getting your services canceled within 24 hours of going online. There are many excellent reasons to host anonymously and hosting illegal content is not one of them. If your site falls into a grey area and you are not sure, please contact us with a description of your business or website content for approval before ordering. You may also review our terms of service agreement and acceptable use policy before ordering. Many questions can be answered there.

 How do we communicate with you?

Live tech support:
SKYPE# - offshore_hosting
[email protected]

 How do I pay for services?

We currently accept Paypal • MoneyBookers • Liberty Reserve • Global Digital Pay • Pecunix • Money Orders • Cash - USD, NZD, AUD, EUR, GBP, CHF, CAD

Please review our payment options page to get more information about how to pay for services anonymously. Click Here.

For hosting you may pay for 3, 6, or 12 months in advance.
Domains are billed in increments of years from 1, 2, 3, 5, and 10

 More FAQ's       Review our unix hosting plans and features here.

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• The GDCA
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