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  About Us:
Katz Global Media provides anonymous hosting® solutions and our unique Anonymous Domain Trust
® to thousands of people and businesses worldwide. We have been in business since 1995 and have a decade and a half of experience behind us. Through this experience, we have grown to maintain a presence in 7 countries including the Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, India, USA, China and Singapore. We provide shared virtual, co-lo, dedicated and managed dedicated hosting solutions with both worldwide access and regional access for clients who want to reach a particular audience. We also provide domain name registration services and a variety of buffet style add-on solutions such as security management, SSL certificates and advanced programming services.


We are proud to belong to the following organizations and maintain a stellar reputation with each:

The Better Business Bureau (The BBB)
BBBOnLine Reliability Participation Confirmed For Katz Global Media. Katz Global Media meets all BBBOnLine Reliability participation and Better Business Bureau membership standards and is authorized to display the BBBOnLine Reliability seal.

# This company has been in business since 05/01/1995
# This company became a Better Business Bureau member on 12/17/2003
# This company was approved for BBBOnLine Reliability on 03/09/2004

The Global Digital Currency Association (The GDCA) We maintain a high 78 point rating with the following professional awards:

GDCA Accredited Member
GDCA Trusted Member
GDCA Senior Member

  We are different:
Selecting a Web hosting company can be frustrating, time-consuming, and definitely confusing. Katz Global Media started because we understood the problems of privacy in an increasingly public world and saw that there is a need for a new and different kind of Web hosting solution for people and businesses who wish to remain anonymous, or use anonymous payment options and exercise their freedom of speech. To combat the problem of people and businesses not being able to remain private on the Internet, we came up with web hosting solutions that are simple, easy, and affordable yet offer more than just the run of the mill hosting provider. Katz Global had created methods to ensure client anonymity and transact business privately worldwide.

  Our Spiritual Mission:
To enable personal and business privacy while interacting on the Internet in a world where privacy in now considered something other than what it really means. True Freedom, Freedom of Speech and Freedom to Prosper.

  Our Business Mission:
To provide privacy based Internet solutions that fill the void left behind by those who do not believe in freedom.

  Our Top 10 Business Goals:

#1. 100% uptime
#2. To provide real time sales and customer support
#3. To provide anonymous services to anyone worldwide from anywhere worldwide
#4. To provide a quality service with many options to many people
#5. To provide fair and reasonable pricing
#6. To provide the most privacy enabled service possible while maintaining the law
#7. To not voluntarily disclose client data to anyone
#8. To treat every customer respectfully and with the utmost dignity
#9. To go the extra mile to help our clients with any question they may have
#10. To continuously seek ways to improve and expand our business

  The Benefits:
By offering only the solutions you need, we simplify our management, reduce overhead costs, and relay the savings to you. We have installed all the necessary software on all our servers which are available to all of our customers. You never have to worry about selecting different hosting packages or upgrades. So, our packages are tailored with all the tools necessary for you to establish an online presence without disclosing your personal and business information. We do not charge you extra for any of these services and features. All of our customers benefit because they have all the resources available to maintain and grow their website without any restrictions.

  Where we are going:
While most Internet companies are slowing down and going bankrupt, we are growing faster than ever! Why? Because we are the only web hosting company that provides true anonymity to its clients. Our goal is to offer affordable UNIX and Windows based hosting solutions to those individuals seeking high security, no-exposure hosting solutions for both personal and business websites. We understand that the customer's privacy comes first. We do not collect any information on our clients and therefore we can never give it out. Our website also contains tools, software, news and information pertaining to privacy and Internet privacy issues. We hope you find our site both informative and useful for your business and we hope you will consider us for your hosting needs now and in the future.



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We belong to:
• The GDCA
• The BBB

 � Copyright 1995-2017 Katz Global Media

New Customers Please Call 1-520-304-6783
Anonymous Hosting© and Anonymous Domain Trust© are registered Trade Marks of Katz Global Media