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Name & Version: ClickCartPro v. 5.0 (CCP5)

Functionality (Brief): Complete e-commerce solution. Manage an entire web site and online store with one software package. Integrated with all major credit card processors, plus has the ability to process orders offline. 100% of the program is configurable via an administrator utility. Supports connections to advanced relational databases, but is capable of running in CSV-only mode.

System Requirements:

A Linux, Unix, Mac OS X or Windows based webserver running Perl 5* or higher. Webserver must allow for the execution of web based (.cgi or .pl) scripts. Windows servers require the presence of ActiveState Perl. *This program supports Perl versions 5.005 and higher.

Programming Language:

Written in Perl 5 using an object-oriented design. All programming code is delivered in source format, therefore it is editable.

Mail Handler:

Mail is handled by the Perl module Mail::Sendmail (included). This module eliminates the need to use sendmail on Unix servers and emulates a SMTP server when sending messages. The program also has the ability to use sendmail directly on Linux, Unix and Mac OS X systems.


Easy installation. Using the telnet/ssh install methods, the package will install in 3-5 minutes and be up and running with full functionality. Using only ftp is tedious, but can be done in 20 minutes.

Additional Bundled Software:

The following software elements are bundled and not sold with this software package. Certain functions of each of the elements below are used: HeirMenu DHTML Menu Code (from; Perl Modules: Business::UPS, Business::USPS, CGI, Crypt::HCE_MD5, DBD::AnyData, SQL::Statement, DBI, Digest::MD5, HTML, HTTP, LWP, MIME, Net, URI, and Mail::Sendmail (from Copyright information for these elements is available in the license agreement.



Store Catalog: Administer an infinite number of product categories. Use different images and descriptions for each. Add product options and select to use different types of form fields (ie. checkbox, textbox, radio buttons) for each. Relate and products to categories, options and other products. Products can be tax exempt, use different shipping prices or weights and use a declining balance inventory. You can designate a maximum for purchases, assign custom layouts and use two different images, write a full description, include in specials, best sellers and.or new items, and add additional email text. There are no limits on the number of products, options or categories. Products can be downloadable, not sold, on sale, etc. You have the ability to post items into user shopping carts that do not exist in the database using a unique form API. You can even generate product descriptions for eBay.
Database Utilities: By default, this program runs in Comma Spearated Value (CSV) mode. If you choose to use an advanced Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), you can. The software will easilly tie into MySQL, PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL Server from within the administrator. All database calls within the program code use SQL querries, which makes development on the system quite simple. Select which tables to use with your alternate RDBMS connection. Please note: You do not need to use or have access to an alternate RDBMS or have DBI compiled on your server to use this program.
Dynamic Forms: A dynamic form generator is included in this package. This form generator allows users to create multi-level forms and control the input from site visitors. Select which questions to ask, where to ask them, and how they should be answered. Control every aspect of your form needs, without any programming or HTML at all. You have the ability to use this software to process your existing HTML forms as well using a unique form API.
Program Settings: Control system logging and enter a design firm name and URL. Choose how long to keep orders and other files on the system. Set up your secure server and downloadable product passwords.
Site & Store Settings: Edit all owner information including name, address, etc. Set up email rules and configure store settings like discount and category information. Control banner ad rotation, pick a currency symbol and turn on/off the product image displays, specials, shopping cart, tracking and email a friend functions among others.
Shipping Settings: Turn shipping on or off. Choose between using custom shipping (for which you have access to Perl scripting in the administrator) or product based calculations. If you choose to use product based calculations, you can assign static pricing (up to three levels) or select to use UPS or USPS for realtime calculations.
Online Processing Settings: You can select multiple processing options to use at the same time. Options include built in integrations with any of our several processing partners or select offline/online credit card processing, check or purchase order payments, and even use PayPal. You have the option to contact your customers for payment information as well. Manage form fields, response codes, etc. Integrating with a realtime processor takes less than 5 minutes.
HTML & Image Settings: Create and edit HTML pages on-the-fly, without knowing HTML. Edit every aspect of your site by selecting to modify site elements or system messages. Import your own HTML layout, or use the default provided. Install a prebuilt theme (skin) or create your own look. Manage background colors and images, font faces, colors and sizes, borders and image sizes. Upload image files directly to the webserver without opening an FTP client. View and delete images just as easilly.
Manage User Accounts: Create and administer multiple administrator profiles with different levels of access. Change passwords and access rights in real-time. Four different access levels and complete admin logging.
Orders & Payment: Define the required fields on the order form, add or edit localities (states/provinces and countries). Assign tax rates to different states/provinces and/or countries. Administer discount codes, which allow users to make purchases using credit or coupons good for dollar amounts or percentages. Choose to let codes expire or not on an individual basis. Select to use custom fields and print order invoices.
Reports: Track orders and follow up on them by entering shipping tracking numbers or delivery dates if you wish. View administrative statisitcs to determine who's been managing the store and what they've been doing. Review your most active dates, pages and products.
Email & Banner Ad Utilities: Send email right from the site administrator and run a complete mail list campaign. Manage a mail list by administering subscribers. Control a full banner ad rotation program. The banner ad plugin allows users to run their own banner stock and control the location of the banner presentation.

Payment Processors:

The following real-time online payment processors are Kryptronic Internet Software partners. The ClickCartPro
e-commerce platform is fully integrated with each of these processor's payment gateways.

ClickCartPro payment processor is truly plug and play. Simply open an account with a payment processor from the list below and merchant integration is complete in minutes.

Authorize.Net offers secure, scalable solutions that enable merchants to process unlimited transactions in more than 150 currencies, from anywhere in the world. Our solutions support any business model -- Internet, broadband, wireless, call center and retail -- and come with free 24/7 technical support.

RevEcom offers multi-currency transaction processing for businesses located anywhere on planet earth. With you can start securely trading on the Internet in less than 24 hrs. Hundreds of companies worldwide establish an eBusiness through our payment solution, every week!

Instant credit card processing services accounts for merchants with internet businesses. Only $ 49 Set Up Plus Transaction Costs. One of the most popular gateways on the Net.

viaKLIX is an electronic payment-processing system for small to medium-size retailers accepting credit cards at the point-of-sale. viaKLIX is a secure, server-based transaction processing system that enables merchants to authorize and process credit card transactions in real-time.

Wells Fargo
From building your Internet presense to accepting payments, Wells Fargo eStoreSM service is the comprehensive solution to grow your business.

Accept credit cards online, checks, and EFT transactions online in real time with

Today's busiest e-commerce sites, such as Webvan, Network Solutions, CBS Sportsline, and, use VeriSign Payment Services to payment-enable their online stores.

Bank Of America
One of the largest bank in the United States, Bank Of America offers scalable online processing solutions for every type of business.

RT Ware
Find out how RTware makes collecting and managing payment over the Internet safe and convenient.

We have been providing the best in on-line, e-commerce enabled services since 1997. We provide fast, secure on-line credit card transactions for merchants, ISP's, shopping cart companies and anyone else doing business over the net.

Planet Payment
Planet Payment provides multi currency online credit card processing and payment gateways worldwide.

PayPal provides the world's first instant and secure online payment service. With PayPal, individuals and businesses can send and receive payments through the Internet. This revolutionary new service provides a safer, faster, easier, and cheaper way to move money in today's digital economy.

WorldPay is one of the longest established companies in eCommerce world wide today. We have one of the largest client bases and every week we enable hundreds of companies to establish their ebusiness. Our clients include many household names as well as thousands of smaller businesses.

Cardservice International
LinkPoint connects your business with unique products that enable you to accept payments for goods and services through the Internet. Take a look at the options below and decide which solution is best for you.


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