How soon will my account be set up and ready for use?

Upon clicking the order button on the order page you will be shown all of our payment options. We will manually send you a confirmation of your order with the specific total and payment instructions. You do not have to wait for this if you already know your total and decide to use our automated payment options.

Please note:
Payment must be completed before a hosting, domain, or email account will be set up.

Account orders are placed in a queue and are processed in the order in which they are received. What this means is that although we have people staffing our business 24/7, they are not always going to be available to help you establish service right away. We do the majority of our accounts in real time as soon as the order or request comes in, but sometimes we get very busy and this can cause delays of up to 4 hours and in extreme cases 6 hours which is very rare. Most orders are handled within 1 hour or less depending on how busy we are and what time you place your order.

We do not automate anything and all accounts are set up by a real person because we feel it is important to understand our customers needs. We provide you with a service backed up by real people who believe in your privacy and can be there to help when you run into technical issues, or have questions of any sort about your website and business.

Your site will be uploaded to our servers before your domain name will be accessible. It takes up to 24 hours for the domain name server (DNS) update to occur. As an ISP, we have no control over DNS record modification. This goes for all domain registrars. We guarantee that your domain will activate on the web at the same time or before any other registrar even with their immediate replies and automated systems.

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